Spy Dig
Powerfully Protect Your PC

  • Remove Spyware/Adware/Malware on Your PC
  • Real-Time Protection for Your System
  • Fast & Deep Detection
  • Speed Up Your PC Instantly

Download & Install Instructions

Please follow these instructions to properly download and install the Spy Dig...

  • 1. This page automatically pops open a window, where you will see one of the following two screens (depending on whether you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  • 2. When the Run/Save dialogue box appears, click RUN or SAVE.

    For IE Browser

    For Firefox Browser
  • 3. You may have to choose a folder to download the file into; some browsers will download and then show you a download tab - either way, save the file to your machine - OR - run it right from the server. This is a .exe file and will only work with Windows. Wait until the file is completely downloaded.
  • 4. Close all applications including your internet browser, locate the downloaded file, and open it. Follow the on screen installation until you are complete.
  • 5. Go to your 'Start' icon in Windows, and you'll notice 'New Programs' installed when you highlight the 'programs' tab. Select the 'Spy Dig' program, and that's it!

If you notice that your computer encounters the problems above, or if your computer works slower than the normal at performing routine tasks, your computer may be infected with spyware or other malicious malwares.